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I was hit in the intersection on a green light have two witnesses All state their insurance company refuses to pay says it was my fault. I and my witnesses know I was in the green light.

I am not getting any follow up calls or help from American Family I have been with you for a lot of years. I got a new car called the agency several times to make sure my new car was covered, no return call period. Bottom line I am not getting any support from the company I have been insured for a lot of years.

My next step if I do not get support and help from my company I supported for many years, I will go to twelve call for action channel 12 I know they will see that I get help. Why should I have to begg for help I allready paid for it.

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Sorry to hear about this. I'm a social media administrator for American Family Insurance.

Could you send some details about your claim to twelp@amfam.com (including name/address/claim #)? I'd like our Customer Experience Team to take a look for you.

Thanks. -TB

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